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Short journeys and agricultural experience


30 years ago, the first farmers from the region undertook to rear calves according to the strict guidelines of Josef Brüninghoff. This is how the company behaves today with its calves in their own rearing stalls and smallholding businesses in Münsterland. The young calves are bought exclusively from selected German farmers and raised using a natural, nutrient-rich feed into healthy and robust animals.

The feed in our production system is mainly roughage, which is available to the calves at all times. In addition to the roughage, of which they can eat as much as they like, they also get specially produced milk which we deliver to the farmers. The composition of the milk always takes into consideration the age of the calves. This is how we can be sure that the contents like vegetable fats and proteins, complete with essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, are contained within the milk at the right levels.
Thanks to this method of feeding, animal health as well as meat quality regarding texture, structure, firmness and taste is better today than it ever has been.

In addition, product safety is guaranteed through constant monitoring of the calves and their feed by independent institutes and experts. The spatial closeness between the feed operations and Brüninghoff ensures that the transport journeys are short and carried out by qualified employees. In this way, the calves experience animal-friendly and careful transportation.