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Cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship


As part of an integrated way of thinking, Brüninghoff combines its abattoir and cutting plant in one building. Transportation is avoided and all products can be further processed under optimal hygiene conditions.

The slaughter is carried out with the help of a state-of-the-art evisceration line, whose hygiene standards and efficiency are setting benchmarks for the future. The cutting process lies in the hand of qualified experts whose craftsmanship ensures the right cut for the customer. Hygiene and product safety are seen as one unit.

The handling process is overseen by state veterinarians whose official seal certifies that only meat from healthy calves is distributed. Guarantee of origin is ensured by monitoring the accompanying documents and saving a range of data, such as ear tag numbers and the name of the owner. The source-identified slaughterhouse products are informatively labelled straight after weighing. Strict safety programmes by the German veal management association “Kontrollgemeinschaft Deutsches Kalbfleisch” and QS GmbH cover all areas of production. Additionally, the International Food Standard criteria, which support and supplement the already existing procedures and quality management, have been met since 2010.

Using these top-quality production conditions, Brüninghoff guarantees its high standards of quality and its assurance of origin.