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Quality awareness

Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product

Quality awareness

Brüninghoff uses high standards of quality during production, which goes without saying for our customers. Consequently, we view the International Food Standard criteria as the minimum requirements. The International Food Standard serves for inspecting and certifying the systems used for ensuring food safety as well as the quality and conformity of the production of foodstuffs.


The correct labelling of products is certified by our connection to ORGAINVENT (OrgaInvent-No. 10015). Their standardized and certified labelling system ensures the transparency of product traceability.

All Brüninghoff products are QS certified. This cross-stage quality and safety framework sets strict standards for all areas of the handling process and calls for transparent foodstuff production from the producer to the retailer.

In the food industry, and in the veal industry in particular, one hundred percent of controls are mandatory. Brüninghoff is a modern, EC-certified slaughter and meat cutting company (ES 189/EZ 546). With consistent quality management, Brüninghoff ensures faultless products and establishes trust with the end user.


The company’s longstanding record of quality awareness is reflected in the fact that Josef Brüninghoff is a founding member of the German veal management association “Kontrollgemeinschaft Deutsches Kalbfleisch e.V.” This association places particular emphasis on monitoring calf rearing. All members of the management association pledge to only bring calves of German heritage to the market. Samples of urine and hair are taken from each stable group for analysis in order to rule out any banned performance-enhancing substances. Compliance with these criteria is checked and certified by a monitoring organisation for each stable group which is registered for slaughter.


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