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Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks for successfully preparing meals containing veal

  • Strips of veal do not spit if you pat them dry before frying and mix them with some oil. Afterwards, fry them in multiple, smaller batches so that they do not lose any moisture and brown nicely.
  • Veal strips remain very tender if you coat them in cornflour before frying. This also results in a sauce being able to be made without the use of a further binding agent.
  • Covering strips of veal in breadcrumbs protects them from drying out. Before frying, tenderise the meat with a mallet, or a similar item. If the pieces of meat are too thick they will remain half-cooked in the centre when the coating is already brown.
  • Placing a small bowl of water on the base of the oven prevents the rind from drying when cooked in this way.
  • In order to grill veal steak or schnitzel, marinate it in oil and herbs. These pieces of meat are so lean that they dry out easily without a marinade.